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360° Product View

Automann's 360° view product images give distributors the ability to view parts from all angles to facilitate product identification. Some examples of how 360° views are helpful include:
  • Air Springs - ability to view the physical base design of an air spring (e.g., AB1DF23-9780- Rolling Lobe Air Spring)
  • Air Tanks - ability to view ports with size on all sides of the tank
  • Air Valves- ability view all port configurations, dimensions, and mounting characteristics on air valves (170.KN28600)
  • Body Parts- ability to view exterior and mating side (HLK1055 – Freightliner Door Handle , 564.14007CB- Freightliner Grille)
  • Exhaust- ability to view all angles and bends of pipes
  • Leaf Springs- ability to see bushing specifications and characteristics(parabolic vs non-parabolic, 59-428)
  • Lighting- ability to view mounting configuration and harness (564.96021- Volvo Head Light)
  • Shock Absorbers- ability to view mounting characteristics
  • Steering- ability to view port configurations on power steering pumps; bends and boot style on draglinks
  • Suspension- ability to view mounting configuration (M1211-Mack Trunnion Stand, M80087- Chalmers Beam, M1811 – Peterbilt Hanger)