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Assured quality,
end to end.

The Automann Assured mark is your guarantee of engineering expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and rigorous testing.

At Automann, we have a process in place to ensure quality products. That’s why every package carries the Automann Assured mark: the symbol of the end-to-end quality system behind every product.

Our product development process is guided by the American Society for Quality–Automotive Division’s Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) system.

Using the latest engineering software (Pro E, AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS) and equipment (CMM, Digital Hardness Tester, Universal Testing Machine), with support from selected external labs, our experienced in-house engineering team oversees the system from design through product inspection.

Our Automann Assured quality process.

Product planning

Automann engineers identify all quality elements at the start of the product life cycle, developing sophisticated 3D models and conducting potential failures modes and effects analysis.

Supplier qualification

Completed models are released for manufacturing to our world-class ISO/TS 16949- and ISO 14000-compliant facilities, which are routinely visited and audited by Automann’s management and engineering staff.

Sample approval

A website offering full e-commerce functionality and cataloging includinOrder production begins only after samples undergo rigorous testing to ensure that each part meets the defined dimensional, material, and performance benchmarks.


Every product must go through meticulous inspection before it can be labeled with the Automann Assured mark.

This stringent process is your guarantee that all our products meet or exceed general product standards—with Automann Assured quality and value, backed by Automann Assured service and support.

We’re held to the highest standard.

ISO 9001:2015 certification: your assurance of our
quality and consistency.

Its more than a slogan, it’s our brand promise.

The Automann Brand has come to symbolize high quality, value, and performance for distributors, fleets, and independent operators across the world.

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