Automann Now Offers Thermal Solutions Manufacturing Radiators
March 29, 2023 Products

Automann Now Offers Thermal Solutions Manufacturing Radiators

Automann is pleased to add Thermal Solutions Manufacturing to its offering. 
Founded in 1915 originally as the G&O Manufacturing Company, Thermal Solutions Manufacturing continues to be the industry leader in Heat Transfer Products. Throughout its history TSM has maintained a brand that is synonymous with quality, value and service.


As first and foremost a manufacturing company with 4 North American facilities: 3 in the U.S. and 1 in Mexico, TSM continues to lead the industry in regards to innovation, design and execution. When it comes to Heavy Duty, no one knows what it takes to build quality, long-lasting product like TSM.

With over 100 years of experience in cooling products, companies that rely on transportation & heavy equipment day in and day out know that TSM is the company to rely on when the bottom line is keeping equipment generating capital.

Highlights of the Thermal Solutions offering:

  • All Metal Radiators Copper/Brass or Copper/Steel
  • Popular Heavy-Duty coverage for Truck and Bus: Bluebird, Carpenter, and International/Navistar
  • Bolt-On or Solder-On options
  • Nationwide Unlimited Mileage Warranty – 2 Year on All Metal HD Truck Radiators
  • Labor Claim Policy for Heavy-Duty Unit

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About Automann

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