Automann Partners with Global Industrial Technology Leader Sensata
November 30, 2023 Products

Automann Partners with Global Industrial Technology Leader Sensata

Automann is excited to team up with Sensata, the market leader in various diversified markets such as Aircraft,Military and Heavy Vehicle, to offer top-of-the-line heavy duty vehicle management solutions. Sensata offers 50 plus devices per heavy vehicle application. By forming a strategic partnership, Automann will be Sensata’s master distributor for the heavy-duty aftermarket industry.


Sensata has been in the sensor replacement parts business for over 100 years; boasting high tech engineering expertise. Sensata’s sensors and controllers are described as having an “OE pedigree”. This means every product they offer has been tested in the original environment and compared to OEM parts for the best form, fit and function possible. Highlights of the Sensata offering:

  • Air Brake Pressure Sensors – maintains hydraulic fluid levels in brake system
  • Air Conditioning Pressure Sensors – monitors refrigerant levels and temperature
  • Cam/Crankshaft Position Sensors – regulates optimal timing for engine performance
  • Differential Pressure Sensors – helps minimize the amount of soot and pollutants
  • Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor – protects engine and turbocharger from overpressure
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor – records temperature across the exhaust
  • Injection Control Pressure Sensor – enables the system to provide optimal fuel injection
  • Liquid Fuel Pressure Sensors – provides consistent fuel distribution to the engine
  • Manifold Absolute Pressure – calculates the air needed for internal combustion
  • Oil Pressure Sensors – sustains proper lubrication in the engine

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