Automann joins hands with industry titan Stabilus
January 09, 2024 Products

Automann joins hands with industry titan Stabilus

Automann is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Stabilus, who is the renowned leader in lift support solutions. Well-known for their innovation in gas springs and dampers for heavy-duty vehicles, Stabilus has consistently set industry standards. Their dedication to quality and vast market share make them an ideal partner for Automann.


Stabilus is recognized globally for their commitment to quality, innovation, and their unique ability to cater to a myriad of automotive needs. With their footprint in the heavy-duty vehicle segment, Stabilus boasts a significant market share, ensuring the utmost in vehicle safety, convenience, and efficiency.


Being an OE manufacturer, Stabilus strictly adheres to the highest industry standards and is acknowledged for its rigorous quality control processes. Their aftermarket lift supports, synonymous with durability and precision, are trusted by professionals worldwide.


Automann’s collaboration with Stabilus focuses on sourcing the finest lift supports for heavy-duty vehicles, ensuring top-tier performance and longevity. These lift supports, being critical to the vehicle’s operation, are designed with the end-user’s safety and comfort in mind.


In case of any wear or malfunction, these lift supports are quickly identifiable, ensuring timely replacements, and guaranteeing seamless vehicle operation.

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